Articles in Community

Race to 70 Winner: An interview with WG King

There were many dedicated grinders in the Race to 70 competition, but WG King blazed through and staked the first claim to the level cap! We were able to chat with him a bit about his victory.

Strife Sketchtoy Contest

Whats cooler than fanart? Seeing it created from the ground up! Sketchtoy is an awesome way to share your art and show how its done.

Refer-a-Friend, Battle Together!

What better way to enjoy a team game than with your friends? We have created a system to help get your friends in the game, and get you some valuable rewards in the process!

Strife Closed Beta Rewards!

We appreciate our Closed Beta community for helping us test and perfect Strife, so we gathered some goodies to honor them!

Community Spotlight: Boundless Talent!

We have had tons of awesome community creations, but every once in a while one stands out by leaps and bounds! We have a chat with 5todexterity on her homemade Bounder plushie.

S2 Staff vs. SPL All Stars Recap

To celebrate the successful close of the first Strife Pro League series, S2 Games squared off against the Strife Pro League All Stars.

Community Corner: Q&A with Whilke of SPL

With Series One of the Strife Pro League successfully completed, we interview Whilke to get a peek under the hood of what went into the Series!

Strife Pro League: Series 1 Recap

Strife Pro League Series 1 is complete marking another successful community driven competitive initiative. Lets review the series.