Articles in Announcements

Ranked Ladder

We are proud to announce that we are introducing Ranked Ladder to Strife!

Winter Break & Patching

Quick announcement about Winter Break and patching! Also, help decide which in development artwork we reveal!

Happy Strifesgiving!

Happy Strifesgiving! 50% off all purchases with gems Thursday through Sunday!

Welcome to the Open Beta!

The Trials begin. Are you up to the challenge? Join us in the Open Beta to find out!

Welcome the New Website Features!

We have tons of new features added to the website to enhance your Strife experience, browse around and enjoy.

Account Wipes Soon...And Some Changes!

We have been paying close attention to player feedback when it comes to Crafting and Pets. Changes are coming to our progression systems and as demanded, Gems will be available for purchase!

Big things are coming to Strife!

Throughout the development process of Strife, we have kept access to our Closed Beta controlled to optimize testing. We are going to be adding some new features to Strife in the near future, and that means more to test!

Welcome Closed Beta Testers!

Congratulations to all the new Beta testers! You've been hand-selected to participate in the highly anticipated closed beta (CBT) for Strife, the second generation MOBA from S2 Games.