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Scrimmage Mode Incoming!

Take your game to the next level. Gather your team, pick heroes with Captain's Mode, and challenge other full teams to battle in the Strife arena!

Justice has Arrived: The Man Behind the Hero

As the ammo flies and the battle rages on inside the S2 Offices, helpless programmers are caught in the crossfire. There is only one who can bring an end to this senseless violence and injustice!

Strife Patch 0.2.30 Changelog

As announced in last week's article all account progression has been fully reset to make way for some pretty awesome changes.

Strife Patch 0.2.29 Changelog

This patch brings a few more changes to the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Crux, a bit of tuning for the bosses on the map, and some item changes that impact early laning.

Strife Patch 0.2.28 Changelog

This content patch brings some new features to test including many hero, pet, and item changes! Take a look at the full patch notes at all the new shinies to play test and help us perfect with your feedback!

Strife Patch 0.2.27 Changelog

Patch 0.2.27 aims to fix a few pressing bugs and modify the newly added item, Giant's Visage!