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Community Update

We wanted to give everyone an update about Strife.

Fielding's Blog: Matchmaking Improvements Just Released

Open Beta gives us the opportunity to tune up and improve features further thanks to players helping us push our systems and giving us feedback. Thanks to our players, we have made further improvements to matchmaking!

Behind the Hero: Jin She

Can you handle the heat? Jin She is blazing a trail towards the Strife arena! [S2]DivA gives us a rundown on this incoming hero.

Behind the Hero: Gokong

Get ready for Gokong, who will soon be bringing his martial skills to the arena! [S2]Muffins takes time to chat with us about the hero and give us some tips!

Behind the Hero: Nikolai

Get a first look at this bruiser that will soon be crashing into the arena in this Dev Blog!

Fielding's Dev Blog: The State of Closed Beta

Fielding addresses the recent patch changes this week as well as ANOTHER patch coming in a few days! Read on for more information on the state of the Closed Beta.