Articles in Patch Notes

Dharkwave Experimental Update 0.9

With this experimental update comes more changes to Strife than ever before. This means that we NEED your feedback and bug reports to ensure that everything is fixed as quickly and accurately as possible. We plan on doing successive updates to this patch in the days following its release to make sure that the bugs and issues are resolved rapidly and your experience is as amazing as it can be. Such a large number of things have been changed that it will feel like a totally new Strife, in what we feel is the best way possible. With that being said, several major features are still in the game including Out of Combat Regeneration, Shared Brawler Gold, Personal Couriers, Cindara and Krytos, Observatories, Pets and Crafting. Also, for every game you play you now get 1 GEM! Now onto the changes!

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.12 Changelog

Patch 0.4.12 brings us Bandit.0, the noisy but dependable coin-gobbling slot machine droid from Vorbis. In addition to the newest hero, the Dark Embrace Hale gearset is also now available! Be sure to test your luck with Bandit.0 in the Arena of Strife!

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.11 Changelog

Patch 0.4.11 introduces us to Iah, the powerful Moon Goddess priestess from Nestra, along with balance changes to over 30% of the heroes of Strife and several major items. Use Iah’s impressive powers to your advantage as you shift the sands of the battlefield in your favor!

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.10 Changelog

Patch 0.4.10 comes with a new hero, Claudessa's first gearset, UI changes and as always several bug fixes. Chester is joining the fray all the way from Nestra where he is a royal court jester! Be sure to test your skills with him on the battlefield. Also, make sure you feast your eyes on the the brand new and first Claudessa gearset, Monster Hunter Claudessa!

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.8 Changelog

Patch 0.4.8 brings a new hero, items, features, rating changes, UI changes and of course plenty of bug fixes. Zaku is joining the arena with his bayou dark magic and bugs, so make sure to keep an eye out for him. Also, to help you guys in battle we're bringing Arcane Emblem, Oracle's Trinket and Titanslayer to the shop this patch. We've heard your feedback and have taken another look at the rating system that is currently in place.

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.7 Changelog

This patch brings two new pets to the Strife arena, along with a fierce rivalry between them. Tink buffs towers to bolster their defenses and Plunder buffs brawlers to break through them. Who will you be bringing with you to the battlefield next patch? Defend or Destroy?

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.6 Changelog

We have added Scrimmage Mode and Captain's Mode to make playing competitive Strife more accessible to the community. You will now be able to see your own Standard Matchmaking Rating so you can set some goals for yourself and see your improvement.

Strife Open Beta: Patch 0.4.5 Changelog

We hope this balance patch creates a better experience for players of all skill ranges in the arena! Based on analysis of our systems and player feedback we have also made some changes to Crafting and Gem costs.

Strife Open Beta: Patch 0.4.2 Changelog

Get ready for Three new Heroes this patch: Gokong, Jin She, and Nikolai have arrived with some balance changes in tow...increasing the action in the arena to new heights!

Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.0 Changelog

Bastion leads the charge into the Open Beta with our new single player experience Prophecies of Darkstone! We have tons of new stuff so invite a friend and earn additional rewards and more!