The Prophecy of Darkstone

Experience the Lore of Strife

What is the Prophecy of Darkstone?

Strife is more than just a battle arena where heroes prepare for the oncoming Darkwave invasion; it is a universe filled with compelling stories, relationships, and adventures that reveal the past and the future.

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The Prophecy of Darkstone is a series of single-player mini-adventures that allow you to truly experience the lore of Strife. Discover the stories behind Strife's heroes, and experience gameplay, mechanics, and lore that you won't find in any other MOBA.

Episode 1

The story begins with Episode 1 - Child of the Dawn which explores the history of Bastion, a young cupbearer.
Elevated to the status of chosen one by a prophecy, Bastion must first rewrite his own destiny by escaping from his death sentence.

Earn Rewards

Earn Elixir, Seals, and a special icon when you complete Child of the Dawn

  • 120

  • 240

  • Icon

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