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Action-packed Gameplay.
Team-based Strategy.
Endless Variety.

Choose Your Sidekick...
Pets Enter the Arena!

Pets are a new feature to MOBAs. Each pet has special abilities that will help you fight in the arena. At the end of each match, players receive seals that can be spent toward unlocking new pets!


  • Skin #1
  • Base Form
  • Skin #2


  • Skin #1
  • Base Form
  • Skin #2


  • Skin #1
  • Base Form
  • Skin #2


  • Skin #1
  • Base Form
  • Skin #2


  • Skin #1
  • Base Form
  • Skin #2
  • Razer
  • Bounder
  • Mystik
  • Pincer
  • Tortus
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Customize Your Experience
Craft and Enchant Your Items!

Crafting allows you to change the components of items and modify the items' effects without providing an unfair advantage.

  • Base Shop Recipe
  • +
  • Modified Crafting Recipe
  • +
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Improved Teamplay
Gold Sharing System

Compete with your opponents, not with your teammates. Our unique resource distribution eliminates fighting with teammates for last hits or hero kills. Coupled with other mechanics, Strife is designed to encourage you to work together.

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Leading Character Development
Meet Some of Strife's Heroes

Find yourself playing a cat with magical powers, a tiny scientist who builds bombs and lasers, and more dynamic heroes.
All heroes are available for free!

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These are the days of darkness...
These are the trials of Strife.

A shadow has fallen over the Plane of Strife. An ancient evil, the Dharkwave horde of Sheol, is rumored to have arisen once more. The only thing that stands between the peaceful races of Strife and the threat of deadly invasion is a Rune of Darkstone, the only key that can open the portal to the underworld of Sheol. For generations this mystical item, a fragment of the ancient Dark Obelisk, has been kept by the Keepers of the Code, the sacred guardians of the Planes of Strife. But the cryptic rune has gone missing. And some fear the worst.

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In preparation of a Dharkwave invasion, the Keepers of the Code have built an Arena in Strife, with the hope that the fabled Army of Light might be trained there. Some even say the Golden Child of prophecy has appeared at the arena, riding his mystical Zidek dragon.

Now, the mightiest heroes from the 5 planes are gathering together to face this new dread. They have come to Strife from their home Planes of Gael, Vorbis, Nestra, Tempra and Lyrie to battle in the arena, to prove their worth and to represent their people in the coming battle. Some will rise. Some will fall. And all will be pushed to the limits of their strength and courage.

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